Quality control

Quality control 

 a. process break down and involving participant in each processPouch: Design – Plate-Making – Printing*3 - Quality Control*1 – Laminating*2 – Splitting*1 – Bag-Making*2 – Final Quality Control*1 – Packing*2Film: Design – Plate-Making – Printing*3 - Quality Control*1 – Laminating*2 – Splitting*1 –Final Quality Control*1 – Packing*2 

b. List all the inspection procedures on product operators take inspection on printing, lamination, slitting, pouch-making inspection on incoming raw materials、process control and inspection on finished product as well as QC spot check. 

 c. Target on percent of pass for finished product laminates ≥96.5% plain film PE ≥95% CPP≥97% VM≥99.5%

 d. Product Safety proposals

①Obtained certificates such as:ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO22000,BRC;
②Suppliers’ qualification and Incoming Raw material quality control especially on Plasticizer ,BPA, heavy metal ,nonyl phenol and sanitary items which influence food safety.
③GMP certified workshop with 100000grade cleanness and 300000grade cleanness
④Routine detect and monitor on RSP and Settling bacteria for clean environment and on site.
⑤3rd party audit and sampling and testing;
⑥stipulated insect and foreign matter management as well as web inspection and following on SOP.

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